Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting the hang of this!

I'm three weeks post-op today, and I think I'm getting the hang of it.. slowly, but surely! 
I can say with utmost certainty today that I love my lap band. 

At three weeks out I am down just a smidge over 22 pounds as of two days ago.   The biggest bulk of that came off in the first week, so the rest has very slowly melted away.  But today, when I look in the mirror, I can see changes!  I thought it would take longer for that.  I've also been hearing lots of comments from people who have noticed little things as well.  Oh yes, I still have a long way to go to get to my other butt.. however, seeing small changes, and noticing a difference in my clothes is very motivational for me! 

I've had some issues with food that have been purely psychological.  For instance, when ordering food at a restaurant I still want to order a lot.  My eyes are definitely still way bigger than my stomach.  So this past week I've been working on that, and it feels good to get a grip on it.  Today my mom and I shared a sandwich, and I could only eat half of my half.  I'm learning that a huge part of my battle previously was mental.    I have issues with needing to drink when I eat.. something I've been warned against.. but I just can't shake the desire to do it.  It's what I'll probably be working on for quite awhile.  I think before, I felt that if I washed the food down I could eat more.  And truthfully that's probably what still drives my desire to drink at my meals, although the other thing I used to do is drink soda with my meals and that honestly DID produce the belches that always made a little more room for more food!  I don't drink soda anymore, so it's a little different.  I'm fully understanding how necessary it is to be psychologically sound before attempting to change your lifestyle the way mine has changed.  So much of obesity is psychological, and I was never willing to look at it that way before. 

I did get a lot of walking exercise this week, but not as much as I should have.  I sucked at exercise this week actually.  The gas pains are gone for the most part now.. and I really don't have a good excuse other than I'm tired.  The weather promises to provide some excellent walking conditions through the rest of the week and into the weekend though, so I have big plans to do it!  I NEED to swim.  Tomorrow morning my plan is to swim for 45 minutes before work. 

My doctor told me that my port site would hurt when I was losing weight.  He said its because the port is in the muscle, and as that changes due to weight loss (or something probably a little more scientific but that's close) it would hurt.  So now, whenever the port hurts (because it isn't every day) I get a big grin on my face and think to myself that I am losing.. and the scale seems to concur!  That's just a little tidbit for those of you reading this who may have the same issue from time to time.  Instead of saying "Crap that hurts!" I say "Hot damn I'm losing weight!"  hehe. 

I haven't weighed in two days.. I'm getting much better at waiting, and finding that it's much less disappointing when I don't step on that damn scale every single morning.  Again.. a psychological thing.  I will try to make it til Friday.. not promising anything!  Until then.. I'm off in search of my other butt, and I know I'm getting closer!!  Thanks for stopping by!


Michael said...

I am so happy things are going well for you! I think over twenty pounds is AMAZING!!!!
I remember when I was young my mother hated it that we all "washed our food down" with Ice Tea....so she made us wait until we had eaten than let us have all we wanted. She thought we were not chewing enough...SO she put a metronome on the table and we had to count the times we chewed our food. It was a pain in the ass and at the time we thought she was crazy BUT it worked! (as long as we were at home)
You are in my thoughts and I wish you well!!!!
Love and Hugs!!

Judi said...

You are doing great! I am at the end of week one and down 10 lbs. I swear I will NOT get on that scale until next Tuesday after week 2. Do you think I can do it??...haha..I hope so! I am in the full fluids stage this week so I feel like I have so many more choices...
Love reading your entries..Good Luck!

Sharon said...

Judi~ oy! it's hard staying off the scale.. but you can do it!! Hang in there.. soon you'll be experimenting with food galore! Are you blogging at all?

Michael thank you! I can just imagine a metronome at the table.. maybe that's what I need though! Thank you for your awesome support! Means everything to me! xoxo

Kiki said...

That's an interesting tidbit about the pain as you lose. I've actually noticed twinges every now and again at my port site and never really thought much of it (if I think too much, I might worry). But I like the idea that it hurts as I'm losing.

Keep up the great work!

Rennie said...

Sharon, we have a mutual friend, Jada, who turned me onto your blog. You are hysterical! I love your blog! I'm just in the beginning stages of this. I haven't even found a surgeon yet but looking forward to finding my "other butt". I laughed out loud because I always tell people that I have TWO butts...one in the back and one in the front!

Sharon said...

Rennie it's so wonderful to meet you!! And Jada if you are reading this ~ a big huge hug to you for leading her to my blog!! I love you!

Rennie, I don't know where you live.. but people come from everywhere to have lap band surgery here in Nebraska because my surgeon is the shiznit!! He was one of the pioneers of the Lap Band surgery in the nation, and the dude knows his stuff! If you're simply too far away I sure do wish you luck in finding the right one, and would love to be a support to you throughout your journey! I'm usually good for at least a giggle every once in awhile :) Thank you for reading and introducing yourself I'm very happy to know you!