Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

I'm only writing today about a 'Non Scale Victory" that needs shared!  It was such a fabulous way to begin my Friday, and I've been excited about it all dang day!

I got up, showered and was scrounging around for something to wear... sounds like a normal day for me for sure.  It was supposed to be really nice weather today, and I definitely wanted to wear capri jeans.  I have a few pairs that fit fine.  I also have a drawer that has a few pairs that haven't fit for three years.    I decided to torture myself just a little by pulling out my favorite pair of too small capris just so I could see how close I'm getting to wearing them.  I needed some motivation.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, pulled them on... wait.... they went on.... all the way on... WOOT!  I opened one eye and looked at myself in the mirror.. HOT DAMN!  Okay.. they went on without any kind of struggle, but I was pretty sure they wouldn't button and zip.  Much to my great joy, they buttoned, zipped, and when I finally let my breath out (I didn't realize I was still holding it until I let it go hehehe) they fit! THEY FIT!! 

I bought those adorable Hydraulic capris three years ago right after I first got sick.  Two weeks later I started taking prednisone and gained 60 pounds in 2 months time and they haven't fit since.  I was very sad.. I love them, which is why I've kept them around all this time I guess.  They sure are cute! And they looked great today if I do say so myself!  I took those pants out the night before my surgery and decided that they were going to be my first goal.  I wanted to be able to wear them when I went to the beach in June.  I am absolutely overjoyed that they fit already!  I can tell you with utmost certainty (even though I haven't weighed myself in several days) that I haven't lost those 60 prednisone pounds.. not even close.  I haven't even lost 30 pounds yet, I know it.  But I've lost a lot of inches somehow... and I almost needed to breathe into a paperbag this morning due to hyperventilation/over-excitement!! 

Anyhoo, I had to share.  I'm motivated~~ oh so motivated!  Thank you for jumping for joy for me, because I know you are (mentally, right?) hehe! 

Just writing about it tonight I'm all giddy again!  GO ME!

Thanks for stopping by! 


Mandy said...

Woooooooohooooooo what an awesome way to start te weekend Congrats!!!!

RJW said...


Rennie said...

Awesome! So happy for you!

Mary Peterson said...

Sharon, that's so awesome!! Maybe those inches ran away, scared you'd lose them so fast they'd have no time to say goodbye!

Good luck doll!

Kristina B said...

That is awesome! I have a whole huge Rubbermaid container full of clothes I can't wait to do that with! So happy for you!