Monday, March 26, 2012

11 months!

Thinking back on this year I remember most wondering how far I'd be when the first year was up.  Never did I imagine that I would have exceeded my goal and be at the bottom end of all of the weight I had to lose.

Today it's been 11 months, and I weigh around 130 pounds.  A little less some days, a little more others.    I haven't counted the inches lately, but it's a lot.  I bought a new pair of capri jeans last week and they were a size 1/2.  ONE/TWO!!  What???  Those jeans are Maurices brand, and I'm pretty sure the sizes run big.  They have to.  Just a month ago I was wearing a size 28 waist. I was thinking that was around a size 7/8  I know I'm a little smaller than that now, but a size 1/2 seems ridiculously small. I tried on a size 26 waist and they were snug.. so I don't know.  I'm thinking my true size might more accurately be about a 4 right now.   My boyfriend looked at those pants and asked me if they were for a kid! :)   Haha, very funny mister boyfriend!  I continue to drop inches in a mad fashion, and I believe it's because I've been working out. A lot.  I do the express circuit three times a week, walk/run on the treadmill at least twice a week and play racquet ball.  I'm no good at racquet ball as far as the "rules" go.  But it's such an amazing workout getting in there and pounding that ball around. And it's fun!!  The guys from the free-weight room watch and laugh sometimes.. I'm sure I look like a complete dork in there (along with my daughter - in- law) running around, sometimes missing the ball, sometimes slamming it, and I always have my i-pod on with good move tunes playing, so I'm in my own little world so to speak... marching to the beat of my own life.  Laugh mister weight lifters.. see if I care!! 

I haven't had a fill in over 2 months.  I don't need one at all.  I have tons of restriction still, and I'm really happy with where I am.  I don't eat much at all, and it amazes me that I don't need to.  That's huge for me.  My life once revolved around when my next meal was.. what I was going to eat, how much I was eating, etc. etc.  Now I forget to eat sometimes.  Weird.  I remember thinking that people who "forgot to eat" must be insane. Who forgets to eat?  But trust me, it does get to that point.  The other thing I tend to forget (believe it or not) is that I don't wear a size 2XL or XL even anymore.  I bought a couple of those little spaghetti strap tank top thingies at Walmart a few days ago (you know the ones that are like $4) and automatically bought a size XL.  Oops!  Not so much.  I need a medium now.  Some old habits die hard I guess.

I have bony parts of my body.  Weird.  I still freeze easily.. no fat to insulate.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather and have really been enjoying the unseasonably warm spring like days we've been having lately.

I'm up and moving so much more than I ever did before now.  I feel like it, for starters.  But I think it's mostly because I can!  Not that I couldn't before, well... okay I couldn't do a lot.  But now I have energy, and ability, and suddenly a desire to not let too much grass grow under my feet.  Don't get me wrong, I can still laze around with the best of them for awhile, and still enjoy snuggling up and watching a movie sometimes, but when it's time to move, it's time to move! :)    I ran (literally) to my car last week for something and my oldest son said "Now you're just showing off"  I said "What? Why?"  He said "I've never seen you run for ANYTHING.... EVER"  Hahaha!  Silly boy!  I didn't even realize I did it!

My boobs have shrunk!  Seriously.  It's like someone stuck a needle in them and let all the air out!  Booooo!  Remember when I couldn't wait for them to shrink?  I thought that somehow they would just shrink a little, just be a smaller version of what they were.. but no.  We're talking tube-sock with an orange in it pretty much.  Ahh well.  The photo you see here doesn't really show the whole tube sock concept...but bras these days are basically smoke and mirrors my friends!  Unfortunately what you see isn't really what you get.  Yeah, yeah, a little false advertising. 

11 months ago I figured it would be 2 years before I wrote a blog like this one.  At least 2 years.  I have had a very short journey filled with amazing losses and amazing gains.  I found my other butt in far less time than I dreamed possible (even though it really, really needs some firm and tone work, but looks awesome in jeans).  I found my energy.  I found my mojo.  I found my life.  I'm so grateful for the things this year has given and taken away.  I will be back in another month with my one year pictures, and anything new to share.  Thanks for your support and words of encouragement along the way!  Thanks for letting me share this journey!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A lot can happen in 10 months!

Today it has been 10 months since I started this journey to find my other butt!  Ten months have gone by so fast, and so much has happened, I don't know where to begin.  So I will try to be brief, and let a couple of photos speak the volumes that I have to say!

I am down more than 130 pounds, and I've honestly lost track of how many sizes.  Let's see.. I'm wearing a size 28 waist  jeans now.. not sure how that translates but I'm guessing it's a size 8, maybe 7.   I only have 1 pair of jeans that fits perfectly right now, the rest get held up with a belt!  I'm okay with that for awhile.  I wear a size large shirt.. sometimes a medium, depending on style.  The girls have begun to shrink.  And I must say, on that note, to be careful what you wish for.. I now have pancake boobs... or darn close to pancakes anyway, and bra style is EVERYTHING!! hehe!

Most of my shoes are big on me now which is something that still surprises me ten months later, because I never thought of how fat my feet used to be.  I may have mentioned in an earlier post how much my wardrobe has increased because I now have three closets to choose from instead of just one.. definitely a bonus! 

I continue to be unrecognizable to lots of people.  I still find it entertaining, and funny!  When I look at old pictures of myself, I'm stunned, and can't believe the difference... so I completely understand how people who I don't see very often have no idea who I am!! 

My life has changed in all of the ways you might have guessed, and in many ways that I never would have expected.  I am understanding even more why lap-banders are required to go through a psychiatric evaluation before they can be approved for surgery.  Such huge life-changing things happening inside of such a relatively small space in time could truly send a person spinning off into nutzoid land.  I think I'm doing pretty well at keeping my distance from said nutzoid land most of the time, but others may disagree!  

Here's a couple of photos taken this morning by my daughter-in-law who had me laughing hard the whole time! 
I have to say I still look at photos and think I look a little fat.  I guess I'll always have issues.  A friend of mine reminded me this morning that the camera adds ten pounds so maybe I should just go with that!  I'm not done yet, but getting very close!

  It's after 3am and I can't remember the  other things I was going to write, so I'll just call this good!
Thanks for stopping by!
Oh.. and NO I didn't dye my hair red!  The lighting kinda makes the natural red in my hair shine in these pics though huh?! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012!  Not that the old year was bad really, although the ending was tough for whatever reason, but I have super high hopes for 2012!  I had some amazing things happen for me last year, that's for sure, and the MOST amazing thing of course was getting my band.  It has changed my life HUGELY!!

I have started off the new year weighing 115 pounds less than I did at the start of 2011.  Can I get an AMEN??!  For a lot of the past 9 months I've weeded out a lot of old clothes that don't fit, tossed them into piles and passed them along to others who could wear them.  I need to do that again.  I save stuff thinking that it will be okay even if it's a little too big.. but my vain self has become hyper-critical and I can barely stand to wear anything anymore that's too big.  I know, it's a curse.  I do still have some hoodies that are big and which I love, but for the most part, if it hangs on me, it gets tossed in the bag! 

I went to see my surgeon's nurse three days ago to discuss a fill, and determined that it wasn't necessary, which wasn't surprising at all.   She told me that my next appointment would be with my surgeon, to discuss my final goal.  I'm much closer than I thought I would be now, and I hope these last 20 or so pounds won't be too difficult to drop! 

From the very beginning I've been excited to see "my other butt" emerge, and I can say today that it has.. and it looks damn good comparatively!  It needs work though. Lots of work!  My workout goals have changed now to accommodate that realization.  It's time to tone kids!  I've been lax.  Well, up until a couple of weeks ago I was super lax, but I'm getting better, and it feels fabulous!  I've discovered the great workout that Ping-Pong can be!  Go ahead, laugh!  But it's true!  I play a few times a week, and it feels pretty amazing the next day to have worked out muscles that I hadn't in quite awhile.  Plus it's FUN!

I'm really looking forward to some warm weather now!  Definitely a new thing for me! I've always loved winter, and truth be told, it's because I could wear more clothes to hide behind.  Sweatshirts layered over other crap just served as a bigger wall for me.  It's taken me some time to break that habit in the past year.  I'm doing pretty good with it now though, and I'm looking forward to fewer clothes for the first time in 28 years or so!

I'm also looking forward to playing disc golf, walking, playing with the kiddos outside, swimming, boating, and yes even fishing as the weather warms up and I can get out there to play!  I'm sorry winter.. I know I'm being disloyal, but I don't need you anymore to hide behind!  It feels really fantastic to say that!

The picture I'm using this month was taken a few days ago to show for my 9 month band birthday! I need to take a better one of my butt, maybe that will be here for my 10 month pic!

If you are just starting out on your lapband journey, let me say that YOU CAN DO THIS!!  You deserve the rewards that will come with the hard work!  And yes, it IS hard work.  Some days it's been the easiest thing in the world, but psychologically, and physically, it can be grueling to step outside of old habits that have kept you fat for this long, the worst part was honestly getting beyond the head hunger, and learning to listen to my body!  But once the weight started coming off it got much easier to do the work, and reap the rewards!

Thanks for stopping by!  See ya next month!