Monday, May 16, 2011

Five weeks post op and still in the honeymoon phase!

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks and going strong for me and my lap band!  I honestly don't have one single complaint about my band yet, and can't imagine having gone another day without it!

I have my first fill this coming Wednesday.  I've gotten much advice to ponder about that little milestone, and I'm looking forward to seeing what changes it brings about.  Hopefully nothing too drastic, because the next day I'll be leaving for a few days and won't be close enough to my doctor to run back in for help if it's too tight or something goes wrong.  But I'm not anticipating anything negative, and I'm pretty excited to get "tightened up" as my brother so eloquently puts it!  Seriously!  He asked me when I go in to get tightened up the other day! It made me giggle!

I've made some strides this week in my lifestyle and I'm pretty happy about that.  I re-joined Curves this week.  I needed to have a more pleasurable work out experience, and I have known for a few weeks that this would be my next step.  I love the 30 minute work out there, and the extra personal trainer support that I get.  I haven't decided whether or not to keep my YMCA membership for the pool or not.  I haven't been using it very faithfully, and it's going to be money down the tubes if I don't.  Not sure what I'm waiting for there.. but I need to make a decision soon.

I am down 27 pounds and lots of inches in five weeks time.  I have set a goal for 10 more pounds in the next five weeks which will put me right down to my beach trip.  I'm hoping for more lost inches honestly, and I think that will be achieved regardless of what my stupid scale says.  That scale makes me want to scream sometimes, but when it gives up a pound or two it redeems itself completely.  Poor scale.  I have to wonder sometimes if the verbal assault it gets doesn't make it actually mess with my head!!

I can't wear most of my jeans now.. except for the two pre-prednisone pairs that I saved.  They're going to wear out quick if I don't get some new ones to tide me over!  But I am going to stubbornly refuse to do so for three or four more weeks... a little bit closer to beach time!  I've noticed that as far as inches go my arms are the most stubborn for giving them up.  I see the biggest changes in my stomach and hips.  Also my "girls" are not budging.  Yes, I know some of you would be happy to take them off of my chest... literally!!  And trust me, I'd be completely thrilled to give at least half of them to you!  I wasn't always huge chested.  They came along with the kids, and stuck around all these years.  You'd think I'd be good friends with them by now, but not so much!  If they don't reduce, I will be one funny looking chick when I do find my other butt!!  But that's just my humble opinion I guess.  Time will tell..   Everyone always says the "girls" are the first to go, but it's not true in my case.

I'm still craving steak, and meat in general, and not having many issues with any particular food.  I still fill up quite quickly, and can only eat a fraction of what I used to eat.  I have no problems yet with wanting to graze or eat between meals which I love!  I've learned to make a meal last about 30 minutes which was previously unheard of for me!!  I'm thinking the upcoming fill won't have to be much in order to improve the way the band is currently working, which seems to be beautifully thus far!

My apologies if my straight talk about the girls offends any of you guys who might be reading.. just one of those things I must discuss on this journey!  Let me know if you'd appreciate a warning next time! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Chauna said...

I love your post! Go have a steak. You deserve it.


Sharon said...

Oh don't worry girlie! I eat lots of steak! Well, it seems like it anyway. I can actually only eat about 1/4 of a normal sized steak, but I do it often.. on doctor's orders! :) Thanks for reading!

Michael said...

Oh I love hearing about it all.....the girls included!!! i wish I was there going through every second with you. I have gotten so big I would love to do something about it. My old hip replacement really screws with the exercise and the Diabetes makes the food thing nuts.. Anyway, I can live vicariously through you!
I don't think I know what a "fill" is. Humm? This is getting good!
I love you dearly, Sharon!

Rennie said...

Great post! Hope you have a great time at the beach. As for "the girls" I am going to need a tummy tuck and a boob job once I get to my goal. I haven't even had my surgery yet and already my boobs look like two oranges in the bottom of a tube sock!

Sharon said...

Michael~ the band has the capacity to become tighter with fills of saline through a port that is implanted at the same time they put the band in. Basically the doctor will just find the port, numb me a little and inject saline through it to tighten up the band. So my brother wasn't really too far off when he asked me when I was going in to get tightened up!! Typically, people with lap bands get "filled" every six weeks or so until they find a sweet spot that allows them to loose maximum weight! You can come here and get a lap band Michael! I'll take care of you lol. My surgeon is among the best in the nation if not THE best! Love you big bunches!

Rennie you might be surprised when you start exercising that you won't have as much extra skin as you think you might! sometimes we get really lucky and the sooner we start moving and working out the sooner our skin adheres like it's supposed to! It doesn't happen for everyone, it's true, and I don't know if I'll be one of the lucky ones or not yet, but I sure am hoping so! LOL! You crack me up my friend~ love your tubesock analogy!

Kristina B said...

Oh It's one of my biggest fears that my girls will shrink away once I have my surgery! But I guess with breast augmentation it doesn't have to be a major fear.

Love reading your posts since I'm not too far behind ya. Hopefully I'll be having my surgery in a few weeks! Date not set just yet!

SlumberMichelle said...

I have surgery next Friday and LOVE reading your success!!