Friday, April 29, 2011

My favorite F word is FRIDAY! :)

TGIF! Today was hard.  Actually, today was easy, too easy, and that made it hard.  Are you confused yet?  Good! Me too!  Today I realized that it's getting easier to eat, and it's time to start being super careful about what goes in my mouth.   I knew it would happen at some point before my first fill.  Dr. Holloway even warned me.  I hoped it would be a little bit closer to my first fill date, but it's now.  Bleh!  What this means to me, is that right now it would be very easy to cheat my band.  I've always known it was definitely possible to do, but for the first two weeks my band felt so tight that I had no interest in making myself uncomfortable by eating very much at all.  It's time to be very vigilant and I'm up for the challenge.  After all, I have a beach goal to work on!  I simply HAVE to buy a new swimming suit before the last week in June.  Period. 

I also had my first "omg it's stuck" incident this morning.  One would think that an incident like that would scare me away from eating anything else for the rest of the day.. and it did make me slow down... a LOT.  It did not, however, make me overly concerned about what I needed to be eating.  That didn't happen until later this afternoon when I realized that there truly haven't been any foods that I simply can't eat right now, although obviously tortillas are going to give me a little hell since that's what got stuck this morning.  So, while I'm still not eating even close to what I used to be able to eat, it occurred to me that the quality of the food I can eat needs to be much, much better, or I'm going to find myself screwed!  Tomorrow I will start keeping a food journal, and my plan is to attempt a version of the WW points system that works out to the number of calories that I need to adhere to.  I'm also going out of town tomorrow for a quick trip to a much larger town, with much more fabulous restaurants in it where I will be tempted beyond belief to eat delicious food that can't be found at home.  Thank goodness it's only an overnight trip or I could be in trouble! 

For those of you who don't understand the whole banding concept I will tell you that it's not as easy as just getting a band put in and losing weight without trying.  It's entirely possible to "eat around the band"!  It's pretty easy to cheat if you so choose.  To make the band work for you you have to work hard.  You still have to diet, you still have to exercise, and you still need to remain extremely conscious of the quality of food that you put in your body.  In case anyone wondered, it's definitely not the easy way out.  The band is simply a tool to remind me when I've had enough, and until I get my "sweet spot" fill (which could take a few months) I will have to be pretty careful.  It's not that the band isn't already working.  It is. But I'm not feeling optimal restriction yet and I guess I'm just feeling overly cautious. 

So, that's all I've got besides the fact that my scale hasn't budged in two days and I haven't abused it yet!  That's something.. right?!  Thanks for stopping by!


Cher said...

keep going annie, you can do it xox

Donna said...

Try not to eat any fat that is attached to meat. Even after 13 years, I still cannot eat meat with fat in it. Rolls with meals are also hard for me to eat.

Did they tell you to take a drink of Coke if you have an episode of stuck food that lasts hours and hours? It would have helped me a lot if I had been told that instead of having to have the emergency endoscopy that screwed up my surgery.

WAY to go on the weight loss! We're proud of you!