Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here I Go!

I've been known to say "I wore my big butt today" and "I seem to have misplaced my other butt" a time or two in the past few years, so it seemed normal to me that this journal of my lap band adventure might have something to do with 'my other butt' somehow.  I don't consider myself talented in the area of thinking up great names for things, so I tend to struggle, and then end up with some simplistic version of the ideas floating around in my head. 

For anyone who doesn't know me yet, my name is Sharon, and I'm about to change my life in a big way. In five days I'm having lap band surgery.  April 12, 2011 will be my new most favorite day ever! (I never get super attached to my favorite days... they change all the time for me) This one, however, has the potential to have permanence in at least my top five!

A few things I'm most looking forward to as a result of my surgery:
*Improved health!
*Improved playtime with my grand babies!
*Fewer raised eyebrows from my doctors! (I have several doctors because I have a disease called Sarcoidosis)
*A normal sized head. (If you're fat, you know that many fatties have ridiculously small heads compared to their bodies! hehe)
*Results at the gym! (Yeah, working out sucks when you're getting nowhere for real!)
*Being exhausted at the end of the day because I played hard and worked hard rather than because I had to carry the weight of all three of my grand babies combined around on my small frame!
There's much more, but I'm starting to bore myself.  Truly, I've been thinking about all of this for so long I could probably type it in my sleep!
I'll be posting some photos very soon for anyone who's not afraid to look!  I'm TERRIFIED to do this!!  I hate looking at myself in pictures. Pictures remind me that I'm fat.  Not that my mirror isn't enough, it is, but photos are harsh!!  I don't like having the truth slap me around like that!  My ego can't take it LOL!   But my reasons for hating photos are going to be the same reasons that help me to see progress as I unleash my other butt!  The truth is in the pictures (and hopefully the new jeans I'll be forced to buy along the way!)

Thank you for joining me on my adventure! Your support will be a huge part of what helps me find My Other Butt!


Donna said...

Sharon, by the time you've reached your goal weight, you'll want your picture taken all the time! I never wanted my picture taken until I lost 90 pounds, and then I couldn't WAIT to be in front of the camera instead of behind it.


Anonymous said...

OMG you are hilarious!! Love reading what you have to say...I had my band surgery on April 26/11..I hear ya when it comes to that shoulder shoulder still hurts continuously but not as severe. Your lucky you could eat so soon...mine is:clear fluids day 1-6, full fluids day 7-12,pureed foods day 13-19 and then thank the lord solid food!...

Judi said...

Sorry didn't mean to put anonymous, my name is Judi..

Sharon said...

Hi Judy! Thank you for checking out the blog! I am sooo grateful that my doctor allowed me to advance my diet quickly ~ I don't know if I could have done all the days of liquids and mushies that everyone else has to do!

the gas pain finally went away! Took about 2 weeks though!! I feel MUCH better now.. today is 3 weeks! YAY! guess I better be doing a blog today!