Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seven Weeks Into My Lap Band Life!

Seven weeks and one day... and I have ZERO regrets about making the decision to get my lap band! 
I have been faithful about going to the gym and I'm already starting to see the payoff.  Not in pounds on the scale mind you, but in the way I feel, and the way I look.  I've lost a few pounds too, but I've decided that isn't nearly as much fun as losing these inches!  My lap band and Curves work quite well together, and I'm so excited about that! :)

I had fill number 2 yesterday.  I was quite pleasantly surprised that it was relatively painless compared to my first one.  I was prepared to be far more brave this week.. I wasn't about to be called a pansy now!  But it turns out that it wasn't necessary at all.  About the only thing I felt was the quick stick of the needle. I asked Nurse Dot why it was so much better this time and she said "Because you're losing weight, and next time, it will be even better!"  Apparently as the fat disappears from around the port it can do a better job of embedding.  I just LOVE disappearing fat!

  I have a good bit of restriction right now from the fill.  (Restriction, for those of you unfamiliar with lapband speak  is basically the ability to feel when you are eating too fast, or too much at a time.  There is definite tightness and sometimes pain associated with restriction.  The opening between the pouch that fills as you eat, and the rest of your stomach is smaller with each fill, and it's definitely possible to get too much restriction.. to the point that you truly can't eat much of anything without literally getting sick.  The trick is to find the "sweet spot", and that's what we're looking for.) I will go back in two weeks for fill number three... exactly one week before I leave for the beach.  I was pretty happy about that.  I look forward to cooking and eating at the beach with my girls, but knowing I have my band as a "guardian" to keep me from over-doing it is sweet peace of mind!

Yesterday three people made comments to me about my weight loss.  Exciting stuff to me.. it's fun to know that other people see it and it's not just me motivating myself with some wishful thinking!  Hearing it from other people is super motivating to me and I love it!  I need to remember that wearing clothes that allow people to actually see a change is helpful..(duh)... I've been hiding my body in huge sweatshirts  for so long that I actually got used to wearing them even in the summer sometimes.  I still find myself wanting to hide my stomach and arms.. even though both are shrinking.. and I have to say that this is one of the things I look forward to the most ~ not hiding anymore.  I'm still a sweatshirt loving girl.. probably always will be, but wearing them to hide behind and wearing them because I'm chilly shall be two very different things!

I have to admit here.. I am a little worried that "my other butt" is going to be a lot flatter than it used to be!  I don't know why I think that.. just a feeling.  It may well just be an unfounded fear. But still, I'm working out each day with that in mind.  If My Other Butt is FLAT I might scream.  Just so you know.  It didn't used to be flat.  It used to be *rockin!* If i do say so myself.. but the "girls" used to be perky and a lot smaller too...

I promise not to be obsessed about it though.. so what if I have to wear a butt pusher upper...

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