Monday, June 13, 2011

Life Rocks!

It's been 9 weeks since my surgery!  So many positive changes have taken place in my life in those short nine weeks and life is gooood!

In two days I will have my third fill.  I feel like I'm in a fairly good place right now with eating.. but I'm not opposed to having a little more restriction and letting this band do it's thing!  After this next fill I should be pretty tight when I am at the beach the following week!  I think that will be a very good thing! 

I weighed in at the gym this morning.  I had set a goal three weeks ago to lose ten pounds this month, and at weigh-in I was down 8!  I still have a week to drop those 2 pounds, and I'm pretty sure I will do it.  Because I haven't really known exactly what to expect as far as weight loss, that goal was the first and only concrete one I've set for myself so far. It feels awesome to be on track to meet it~ and now I'm thinking that this is the best way for me to navigate my way through this journey.. very small goals and one at a time.

I had a chance to shop a little bit at TJ Maxx on Saturday.  I found a pair of Levis that were sooo cute!  I looked them over.. stuck them in my cart.. pulled them out.. looked them over again, and said "what the heck, I'll try them on"  They were a junior size 15.  I swore I wasn't going to buy anything new for quite awhile... knowing that I'd keep losing weight and inches, and they would be too big in time.  But gosh they were cute.. and they were cheap.  So... I tried them on, and they fit!  Oh. My. GOD!  I had to have them.  So I bought them along with a couple of scarf/cover-up thingies that I can wear over my swimsuit at the beach.   I wore the jeans to work today because... well, duh.. they're new, and I've gotta say it.. they look awesome!   I hadn't even thought about how much fun it was going to be to slowly melt away.  So let me say it now.. if you're thinking about having surgery, or are in the very first few weeks and you haven't thought about that either.. just know ~  it's SO MUCH FUN!!  And I know it's going to just keep getting better!

I'm enjoying having enough energy to play with my grand kids!  We had so much fun in the mountains at a Go Kart park over the weekend.  Losing weight has given me energy and along with it more desire to play!  I'm starting to remember how much fun being active can be.  My health played a huge part (especially in the past 2 years) in me not being able to do as much as I used to.  I've always loved to dance, but when you feel like crap it's hard to remember how much fun that is. Losing weight has already had a pretty big effect on my health, and I feel so good these days that I'm almost afraid to say it out loud!

Leaving for my beach trip in 9 days and yep, I'll say it again ~ Life is GOOD! 
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Michael said...

I am so thrilled for you! It makes me so happy. You are deserving of all the joy in the world and whatever it is that brings it to you I always pray is abundant. New jeans ROCK!!!!!!!

Karen Lojka said...

I don't know if I can handle hanging out with you. Ya know, being all sexy and stuff....great job! Keep up the good work!

Rob said...

Way to go!!!!