Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 months already!

Time flies when you're having fun they say! It's true! I have to say that this lap band journey has been a whole lot of fun so far.  It's exciting to wake up in the morning and know that I probably weigh a little less than I did the day before.  It's even more exciting to get dressed every day and spend a few  minutes looking at the way my choice of clothes fit me differently than the last time I put them on!  It wasn't all that long ago when I had the exact opposite problem.  It was very depressing to get dressed each day and try not to think about the fact that my choice of clothing that day looked like crap because it was too tight, or didn't fit at all.  I am so very grateful to watch the pendulum swinging the other way now.  I look forward to every change, every pound lost, every piece of clothing tossed in the "too big" pile, and every comment about the way I look.  I feel SO good! 

I realized yesterday that I actually have a lap!  Ridiculous you say?  Well let me tell you, for a very long time I didn't even realize that there was a nice long space between my knees and my gut when I sat in a chair!  It's true!  But it's there, and I can see it and I like it! My stomach is definitely shrinking.  All of my shirts show it, and now that I can see it going away I am more motivated than ever to keep working on it at the gym.  Not so very long ago my stomach and my "girls" seemed to be reaching for some invisible finish line that was out in front of me somewhere. For the past few years they were tied it seems.. I bet I could have stuck a yard stick in front of me and they would have both touched it evenly!! But today I can happily say the gut has given up the race and retreated! Yeee Haww! 

Still feeling good restriction from my last fill.. maybe a little less than last week, and I'm sure with the next fill I will be searching for food that keeps me very honest in my diet.  For now I can still eat what I want albeit very slowly.  I'm eating less than ever, but still.. carbs just aren't a great thing to put in my body and I know it. Another fill at this point would keep me from eating bread in any form I believe.  I love and hate that all at the same time! 

I'm going shopping this weekend for a swimsuit coverup that I can take to the beach with me.   I should probably try on my swimming suit before I go now that I think about it.. I can't say I won't grin from ear to ear if it doesn't fit and I have to buy a new one!  Two weeks from tomorrow and I'm Gulf Shores bound!  I'm not worried in the least about overeating on vacation.. I was a month ago, but today I feel like I have a pretty solid handle on living with this band.  It's the perfect tool for me and I'm having so much fun losing weight that I don't want to screw it up!

I'm not hungry between meals at all and this is a miracle!  This doesn't mean that I don't want to snack if there is something right in front of me... but I don't walk around feeling hungry AT ALL.  I love that!  And as far as that snacking goes.. It's pretty easy to distract myself most of the time.  If I crave something sweet I have a dum-dum sucker.  Less than 20 calories, and it does the trick when I can't just walk away.  But for the most part it truly isn't even an issue.  I can't stand artificial sweeteners, so eating something sugar free isn't even an option for me.  I'd rather starve.. seriously. 

Huge thanks to my friend Lisa for handing down some jeans that fit!  What a treat!  You saved me girlie!

8 weeks.. happy... less fat... more sass... loving life!
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