Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Somewhere just over 130 days into my journey I am down a little over 60 pounds, more inches than I have counted in awhile, about 4 pants sizes, and at least 2 top sizes.  There's the overview!  My band is working exactly how it's supposed to still!  I can't help but be impressed by that! 

I don't have tons of stuff to write today, so I think I will just let a photo speak for me.
You can see my BEFORE photos on this blog under the "photos" tab.  And this, is me taken on Saturday morning... just a progress photo.  Still got a long way to go, but I love seeing changes! :)

 And that's all I've got today!

The journey so far has been so much more than worth it!  Thanks for stopping by! 


Rennie said...

Congratulations! You look awesome!

Michelle H. said...

Look at you!! Outstanding!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look great! Wow! Di

Michelle H. said...

I just noticed your Believe sign behind you on the wall...I have the same one!!