Thursday, August 11, 2011

4 months

4 months after lap band surgery, and life is GOOD.  Actually, life is better than good!  But I've been so bad!  I have every excuse in the book, (I'll just say that up front!)  But I haven't been to the gym in almost three weeks!  STILL I have managed to continue losing weight, and eating great, and I'm thinking that when "fill day" comes next week I probably won't be needing one.  But I do have a week to go, so maybe I shouldn't be so sure. 

At any rate.. I have a lot of wonderful news to share this week.. I'll try not to let this get too long.
First off the list.. my son's wedding was FABULOUS!  Lots of work, lots of company, lots of craziness, but worth every second!  I had the privilege of photographing the event, and I'm so grateful for that!  It was definitely a different perspective... I could have opted to sit it out and watch from a normal 'mother of the groom' perspective, but I had a lot of fun where I'm most comfortable: behind the lens!

Second off the list:  I completed "Lab Rat Days" in Denver yesterday with excellent reports! I got away from there with my "medication free" status in tact, but possibly not for long.  I did have a Defibrillator interrogation today and I might be looking at some kind of anti-arrhythmia medication later this month, but nothing is certain..  I will update on that later. 

I'm continuing to fill up bags with "too big" items, and that's still as fun as it was from the first pair of pants that went in! I'll admit that's not very motivating as far as getting me to the gym. I think it would be easier if I stopped losing weight while I was thinking up excuses not to go!!  I will go back tomorrow.. I'm sure of it.  (Laughing outloud!)  I really am ready to return.  Gosh it's easy to stay away though, and I just don't know if I will ever be one of those people who gets addicted to exercise.. I won't hold my breath waiting for it, that's a promise!  I did promise myself that once the wedding was done, and all of my company left I'd get back into my routine, and I can't be breaking that promise now can I?  

Last big news... "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A COLLARBONE!"  
Yep.. it's there.. just as I suspected! (Laughing out loud again!) I've  been waiting for it to show.. I missed it!
I'm weird.. I know it!  Okay, perhaps I didn't miss it.  Honestly, I didn't even realize it was missing until someone else discovered theirs after losing a lot of weight!   But once I realized it was hiding, I was pretty excited to see mine again!  And today, I can see it!  Sweet huh?! 

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Jessica said...

I always walk around touching my newly discovered collar bones!! It's great!!!

Michael said...

I don't understand why your surgeon keeps tightening the band if you are doing well?? I am 3 months out, have lost 62 pounds and have not had a fill nor does he expect I will ever need one. Please advise. Also visit me
Michael Pickert MD
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Sharon said...

To Michael:
My surgeon doesn't tighten the band if he thinks it doesn't need tightened. The last time he left it up to me, and I chose to have it tightened. At my next appointment I doubt he will think it's necessary.

Sometimes lap band patients don't require fills. From what I understand it's rare, but it's definitely not unheard of. Good for you. Not everyone's lap band journey is the same as I'm sure you have learned. I consider myself one of the lucky ones for whom the band has worked exactly as it was intended. I am 4 months out from my surgery and have lost almost 60 pounds. My surgeon considers me a model lap band patient!

I eat whatever I want. I don't normally count calories or weigh or measure my portions. I listen to my body and when it tells me I'm full, I stop. My band tells me if I eat too fast, or my bites are too big, and it works for me. I am NEVER hungry between meals.. even pre band-tightening. I just knew when it was time to tighten when I could eat more than I should have been able to eat.

That's my experience, and from what I've read of your experience they are very different, however we have both been pretty successful on our journeys up til now or so it would seem.

Perhaps to answer your question more directly, my surgeon considers the "sweet spot" to be where I am eating two meals a day, and the meals are quite small after which I will feel satisfied and comfortable. Simple as that. If I'm not restricted enough he's going to fill the band.. I'm at a pretty sweet spot for this month, and hopefully I'll hold out for awhile, but as I lose weight, my band will tend to loosen too.. were you aware of that? Just curious! I hope this helps you understand.

Congrats on your great success!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, Just coming in to see how you were doing and I am glad to hear the good news all around. I had a question, do the bands stay in permanently? Or do they remove them after you reach your goals? I was just curious. Di (from the board!)

Sharon said...

Hi Di!
the band stays in forever, unless for some reason you elect to have it removed! I will always have a tool there to help me stay at my goal once it's reached!

Anonymous said...

That is neat Sharon--I enjoy stopping in and seeing how you are doing. Great job, keep it up! Di