Tuesday, December 13, 2011

8 months of working it... feelin fabulous!!

Yesterday was my 8 month bandiversary! I have to say that I have not had even one moment of regret for having made the decision to have a lap band! Not ONE!!

Today I am wearing cute jeans in a size 9 and they are fitting loosely!
Today I weigh 106 pounds less than I did at my highest weight just before my surgery.
Today I can more than keep up with my grandbabies and match their energy all day long!
Today I can share clothes with my best friend!
Today I am healthy beyond my wildest imagination!
Today I can wear bras that I bought from Victoria Secret (her secret is that if you're bigger than a 38DD you don't get to wear her stuff!!)
Today I barely remember how I used to look until I see those photos!
Today one of my grandsons 3 year old friends told me "You don't look like a grandma!"
Today I know that my goals are completely obtainable, and very well within my reach!
Today I know that I need a new driver's license photo and well.. a whole new license because mine says I weigh WAY more than I do!
Today I want to tell you that a Lap Band can help you be the you that is hiding inside beneath all those layers of weight. YOU know who you are.. now it's time to show everyone else!! Here's to better health, better self esteem, better shopping, better dating, better sex, better sleep, better choices, better LIFE!!

Today I look like this: Attached Image

Today is GOOD!! Cheering you all on from the Nebraska prairie!!


Michelle H. said...

Oh my gosh, you look phenomenal!!!!

Marie said...

It is absolutely amazing!