Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I love photo reflections.. I love taking photos of reflections is more like it.  I didn't take the above photo, but when I saw it, it reminded me of something that happened the other day, something that's been happening quite a bit lately, and it made me smile. 

I caught my reflection in a window two days ago, and I was so surprised.  I looked AWESOME!  Now, for whatever reason, it's so different for me catching my reflection by chance than it is looking in the mirror every day.  Don't get me wrong, when I look in the mirror now I can definitely see changes in myself.  I know I'm not physically the same person that I was 7 months ago, but I don't think I see myself honestly, because I do mostly see a bigger person than I think I am now.  But my reflections that I catch in windows, doors or unexpected mirrors still keep surprising me!!  More than once I truly didn't even realize it was me I was looking at.. well, at least it didn't register that it was me if that makes any sense at all!

I went to see my surgeon today for my 7 month check up.  I have lost 95 pounds!  The nurse whom I regularly see told me that soon I will need to sit down with the doc and set my final goal! It feels fabulous to have reached this point so much sooner than I had planned! 

My other bit of fabulous news is that I am now wearing a size 10 jeans! Can I get a HELL YEAH?!! 

No fill for me today.  The nurse warned me that I may not make it a full month though without reaching "super hunger mode" and if I do before my next appointment to call them and come right up for a little fill!  I'm still floating up here on cloud 10, and I don't plan to come back down anytime soon!  And I might just add too, that "my other butt" is making a very nice come back if I do say so myself!  It definitely needs work, but it sure is lookin good in jeans!

For those of you reading this blog who are just starting your lap band adventure, or whom are just thinking about starting it, I want you to know that if you are willing to make a few sacrifices, this tool is the best thing you can do for yourself!  If you are wondering if you can cheat your way through, the answer is yes, but why the hell would you? And last of all, attitude is EVERYTHING with this process!  You must believe you will succeed, and be ready to put forth every effort to do so! Be willing to give some things up to gain SO MUCH!!  It's worth it.. worth every last penny, worth every piece of bread you eventually won't be able to eat, worth every bottle or can of soda that you probably won't be able to drink for a good long time, and worth dealing with the head hunger for awhile.  Keep your eye on the prize!!  

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Michelle H. said...

Awesome on the size 10's!!! yay!!!!