Monday, July 4, 2011

12 weeks!

Tomorrow will be 12 weeks into my banded life and I still don't have a single regret to report! I've never been more sure of my decision, and it's been many years since I've felt healthier and better about who I am! 
I just spent 11 days on the best beach vacation ever!  A girl's trip to Gulf Shores, AL was just what the proverbial doctor ordered, and I'm home tanned, relaxed, and more than a  few inches smaller than I was when I left!! How's THAT for vacation? Perfect if you ask me.  I lost a whopping total of one pound while I was gone haha!  But towards the middle of last week I noticed that my bathing suit (which I spent a lot of time in) was fitting very strangely.  It felt too big in the stomach for starters, but then I noticed that the bra cups in it were all deformed looking.  I realized that the girls had shrunk! YEEE HAW!!  There's hope on the horizon my friends!

  I admit I was a little concerned about vacation eating, especially since I didn't get a fill before I left, but I had decided that I wasn't going to stress about it.  I ate very well..  I ate normal sized portions, and had no problems with wanting to snack between meals.  I drank at least one frozen alcoholic concoction every single day while I was on that beach.. along with lots of water and lemonade.  I felt a little restriction at times which was comforting, and let me know my band was doing its job, and had a couple of "stuck" episodes that were mild, and lasted only a few minutes.  I ate LOTS of steamed shrimp! Mmmmm!  I miss that yummy steamed shrimp.. the kind you can get on the Nebraska prairie just doesn't compare.  

One highlight of my trip that I must share ~~ I PARASAILED!!  Oh yeah! I stepped right outside of my comfort zone and flew high above the Gulf of Mexico!  I absolutely loved it and will do it again if I ever get the chance.  I felt like super woman when I was done, and I kind of still do!  

I was without a scale for the entire vacation, and that freaked me out a little..  I figured that I'd have gained a pound or two by the time I got home, even though it was pretty obvious that I'd left a few inches down in Alabama somewhere!  I was pretty happy when I stepped on that scale yesterday and realized that there was no gain, and I could still be friends with both the scale and the mirror!  

I'm happy to be home.. and while I didn't use a gym even once while I was gone, I did have the sand to walk in so I got a little added exercise I guess!  It's back to the gym for me this week!  I'm also looking forward to adding a daily fruit smoothie to my diet!  Hey~ it's my healthy version of a daily frozen concoction that will remind me of the beach as I delve back into reality! Thanks Aunt Jan for introducing me to the wonderful smoothie!   My other butt is getting closer.. I can feel it!  
I hope you all have had a safe and happy Independence Day if you're in the USA~ and mostly, that you spent it with the people you love! 
That's all for this week ~ thanks for stopping by!


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